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    Posted 03-30-2020 08:25

    We are pleased to announce that the Zuora RevPro Release Notes have been published in RevPro Knowledge Center!


    The important enhancements in this release include:

    • Cost and VC details available in Accounting Detail Report
    • RSSP details available in SSP Stratifications report
    • Initial reporting entry flag for cost liability entries
    • Reduction order processing changes
    • Report download enhancement
    • Enhanced full build summarization process
    • Ability to define exchange rates during upload for MJE linked to revenue contract
    • Technical changes to summarization tables


    Various bugs are also fixed in this release. A CSV file is attached to the release notes in the Knowledge Center to provide a complete list of the fixed bugs in


    For more details about the enhancements, resolved issues, and documentation updates, please see Zuora RevPro Release Notes. You can bookmark the URL of the Release Notes. This URL always presents information about the latest version. For previous releases, see Previous Zuora RevPro Releases.