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Zuora Connect September Release Notes

  • 1.  Zuora Connect September Release Notes

    Posted 10-03-2017 17:03

    September 2017 Release Notes


    Platform Features

    Zuora Central Development for App Development 

    Visit Zuora Central Development to learn more about developing an app with Zuora. To develop an app, follow the step-by-step guide to register and take advantage of the many resources provided to help make app development even easier. 



    Platform Update

    Fixed an issue with cookies sometimes preventing EU logins from launching app instances.


    New Apps


    Configurable Tax Engine

    Zuoras Configurable Tax Engine offers the quick, pre-built integration needed to deal with various tax types and rules. Configurable Tax Engine holds up-to-the-minute tax rate data for numerous sales tax jurisdictions globally and eliminates the need for user manual update.


    User customization of the Liquid templating engine allows the app to automatically calculate the correct tax rates for invoice, taking into account tax conditions, customer location, various tax types and rules. With an easy to launch and configure app, Zuora has made it easier to integrate your existing tax service with our world class subscription relationship management solution.


    Currency Conversion

    Zuoras PayJunction Tokenized Payment Gateway offers an out-of-the-box solution to leverage payment tokens to maintain customer credit card confidentiality and collect payments. This app allows you to continue to work with your payment processor using payment tokens, maintain security/independence of your customers credit card information, whilst still leveraging Zuora for your billing needs.


    App Updates

    Configurable Lockbox

    New file format now supported in Configurable Lockbox: Bank Administration Institute 2 (BAI2).

    New Zuora feature now supported in Configurable Lockbox: Advanced AR Settlement


    Flexera Connector

    Flexera Connector has seen a few fresh updates this past month, including:


    • Fixed an issue to update country field on contact information to be automatically updated

    • Fixed an issue on subscription note field that was not being updated on specific subscriptions

    • Increased frequency of retry logic to ensure entitlement creation

    • Additional API support for concurrent entitlement creation



    Documentation, including installation and configuration details, has been updated for the following apps under the instructions tab for the following listings:


    Check out the Zuora Connect Help Center or Zuora Knowledge Center - Connect Marketplace page for detailed instructions on how to:

    • Create an account with  Zuora Connect

    • Create a tenant in Zuora Connect

    • Add and manage Zuora Connect apps

    • Share a Zuora Connect app instance


    Upon the purchase of a Zuora Connect app, an email notification will be sent to all users within the organization with detailed documentation on how to utilize and launch the newly acquired app.