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Zuora Connect October 2017 Release Notes

  • 1.  Zuora Connect October 2017 Release Notes

    Posted 11-07-2017 15:07

    Platform Features

    Email Notification on App Provisioning

    An email is now generated at the time of provisioning for purchased apps to all Connect users that belong to an existing organization alerting them of how to access and manage the app on Connect.

    Improved Multi-Entity support for some apps

    Added the ability to specify entity-specific access when creating a new app instance for the apps that currently support Multi-Entity.


    Application Updates

    Configurable Summary Level GL Interface

    Several changes have been added to the Configurable Summary Level GL Interface:

    • A Run Now option has been added to the interface
    • Scheduling has been added and improved
    • The settings page has been updated to have uniform defaults across all run types that can be modified
    • Added ability to swap between drop-down, Liquid language, and text as entry methods
    • Added ability to search by date

    Configurable Lockbox

    Configurable Lockbox has seen some minor changes over the past month:

    • Added support for currency formats that utilize commas as the decimal mark
    • Minor UI improvements when viewing data tables
    • Corrected an issue where decimal places were rounding at the 6th position instead of the 2nd for Excel

    Subscriber Self-Care Portal

    Improvements were made to both stability and performance.



    The Connect documentation for sharing app instances has been updated to reflect recent changes.