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Zuora Community Chapters Update: August 2019

  • 1.  Zuora Community Chapters Update: August 2019

    Posted 08-19-2019 09:15

    Welcome to the first of many updates about our new Zuora Community Chapters! Ive got big news to share: weve just launched new chapters organized by Zuora users just like you!


    Please meet Gerald Soto and Adnan LaPamuk (PeakCommerce), Matt Loos (Invoca), and Roberto Rubio (OutboundEngine) wholl be Chapter Leaders of their respective groups in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Austin.


    Each group will have their own unique events - both live and virtual.  



    San Diego, CA Chapter


    Chapter Leaders: Gerald (Jerry) Soto and Adnan LaPamuk from PeakCommerce


    Timezone/Location: Pacific (US)

    (L-R) Gerald (Jerry) Soto, Adnan LaPamuk from PeakCommerce(L-R) Gerald (Jerry) Soto, Adnan LaPamuk from PeakCommerce

    Gerald (Jerry) Soto @geraldwsoto is the CEO of PeakCommerce and is the leader of the San Diego and Los Angeles Zuora Community Chapters alongside PeakCommerce CXO and Co-founder, Adnan LaPamuk @alapamuk.  Jerry has previously led over 200 Zuora implementations at his previous firm and is excited about establishing a customer community which has been needed based on customer feedback. Jerry and Adnan plan on having live and virtual events on several topics related to Zuora.

    Santa Barbara, CA Chapter


    Chapter Leader: Matt Loos, Invoca


    Timezone/Location: Pacific (US)

    Matt Loos from InvocaMatt Loos from Invoca

    Matt Loos @PML is the Director of Business Systems at Invoca and will be the leader of the Santa Barbara Zuora Community Chapter. Matt was interested in leading a chapter because he wanted to drive local community knowledge sharing of Zuora solutions and best practices. His passion is Quote to Cash and Quote to Active Use processes and tools, and he'll have having live and virtual events.

    Austin, TX Chapter


    Chapter Leader: Roberto Rubio, OutboundEngine


    Assistant Leader: Adam Kessler, Zuora


    Timezone/Location: Pacific (US)


    (L-R) Roberto Rubio from OutboundEngine and Adam Kessler from Zuora(L-R) Roberto Rubio from OutboundEngine and Adam Kessler from Zuora


    Roberto Rubio @robertorubio is the Billing Operations Project Manager at OutboundEngine and is a certified Zuora Admin with 3 years of experience. Currently Roberto manages projects revolving around Finance/Accounting/Billing. Assisting with Netsuite integration into Zuora and other technical projects. In his words: "I want to find folks in similar roles so we can lean on each other for ideas and questions."


    Adam Kessler @AdamK has been in the Zuora community going on 9 years now. He has lead the integration and rollout of Zuora into three enterprise organizations. He is a Zuora Evangelist with experiences as a business technology manager, solution architect, business analyst, and project manager. He will be one of the leaders of the Austin Zuora Community Chapter and has a passion for leading businesses through digital transformations using cloud, software, and SaaS applications.