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Zuora and Stripe Have Entered an Exciting, Strategic Partnership!

  • 1.  Zuora and Stripe Have Entered an Exciting, Strategic Partnership!

    Posted 12-08-2020 14:04

    Zuora has entered a new, strategic partnership with Stripe. As the leader in subscription management, weve decided to deepen our partnership and enhance our integration with a leading payments platform in Stripe so that current and future joint customers can truly get the best of both worlds. This partnership will also entail more alignment between our product teams as we elevate Stripe to become one of Zuoras preferred payment partners. 


    Our customers will now gain access to more of Stripe's industry-leading payment capabilities within their existing Zuora subscription management integration, with key benefits like:


    (1)  Advanced payments, fully integrated. Zuora customers will be able to take full advantage of Stripes advanced payment processing capabilities integrated with the Zuora platform, including fraud detection, artificial intelligence-enhanced payment retries, and payment processing capabilities - ability to pass L2 and L3 data to issuers - that reduce transaction processing costs. Stripes direct connections to global card networks and non-card payment methods, such as ACH, SEPA Debit and Bacs enables businesses to easily expand into new markets.


    (2) Payment flexibility across subscriber experiences. Companies in the Subscription Economy succeed when they deliver compelling subscription experiences that evolve with customer needs. Zuora provides the agility and automation needed to price, package, and bill in countless combinations, and now Stripe adds additional payments flexibility so subscribers can pay when, where, and how they choose.


    (3) Future-proofed architecture. Stripe and Zuora are working together as part of a modern ecosystem for digital subscriptions and commerce to create solutions that support global businesses. The partnership gives customers the access and ability to use an architecture specific to their unique needs.

    For more on the Stripe and Zuora integration, visit: