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REMINDER: Phase 2 of TLS 1.0 Deprecation Postponed

  • 1.  REMINDER: Phase 2 of TLS 1.0 Deprecation Postponed

    Posted 04-08-2016 15:27

    Phase 2 - Production POSTPONED

    We are re-scheduling deprecation of TLS 1.0 for production environments, the new date will be updated here shortly.  


    To be kept up-to-date on the TLS 1.0 Deprecation schedule, please subscribe to Zuora Announcements in the Community.


    What do I need to do?

    See [Action Required] Zuora is disabling TLS 1.0 for inbound and outbound preparation as well as the TLS 1.0 Deprecation's FAQs


    What happens if I take no action?

    If you take no action, your systems may be unable to connect to the Zuora Production, API Sandbox, or Service environments after this change is implemented.


    For more information or if you have any questions, please post them in the original post [Action Required] Zuora is Disabling TLS 1.0