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Brand new reporting engine coming to you soon!

  • 1.  Brand new reporting engine coming to you soon!

    Posted 08-17-2016 14:30

    New Reporting Engine.jpg


    As a loyal customer of ours, we would like you to be the first to know that we are launching a brand new reporting engine at the end of October! Many of you have been a part of this building process and were so proud to have had over 150+ customers join us in our limited availability program with great success.


    Here are all the shiny new features you can be excited about:

    • Expanded library of 49 pre-built reports

    • Drag and drop report builder

    • Enhanced grouping, filtering, and summarizing capabilities

    • Report scheduling & sharing

    • Increased performance


    When is it coming?

    Zuora will fully transition all customers to the new reporting engine by the end of November 2016.


    How do I get it?

    There is no action required on your part. Zuora will automatically provision your access and migrate your existing report definitions over to the new reporting engine (see reporting migration process below). We will also automatically disable the old reporting engine at this time to avoid any confusion.


    Where can I learn more?

    Keep a lookout for more exciting details from us again soon!