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Zuora Helps Docusign Accelerate Growth of Docusign Global Trust Network to Reach 200+M Subscribers

  • 1.  Zuora Helps Docusign Accelerate Growth of Docusign Global Trust Network to Reach 200+M Subscribers

    Posted 07-19-2017 15:18

    Zuora Docusign Growth

    Written by @Jayne. Article originally appeared in Zuora Press Releases


    Zuora, Inc. , the leading provider of subscription commerce, billing and finance solutions, today announced that its customer DocuSign, Inc., reached more than 200 million users and continues to rapidly scale its product innovation and improve operational efficiency by running its business through the Zuora®subscription management platform.


    The global standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature , DocuSign has more than 300,000 customers and 200 million users on the DocuSign Global Trust Network. With an average of 300,000 new users joining the platform daily, that represents 135 percent year-over-year user growth and the companys fastest viral rate of new users joining per day. Zuora provided DocuSign with a reliable and flexible enterprise subscription platform to manage its hyper growth seamlessly.


    The strategic importance of digital transformation to organizations of every size, industry and geography has accelerated adoption of DocuSign around the world, said Eric Johnson, CIO of DocuSign. Zuora offers a simple, seamless solution to support our rapidly growing global customer base. Now we have the subscription management platform we need to offer flexible pricing plans, new offers and preferred programs for any size business.


    DocuSign selected Zuora to help manage the growth of its subscription business and support:

    • Product and Service Innovation: DocuSign has launched numerous new products around the world. Zuora has helped DocuSign manage the companys varied pricing and packaging plans to serve its customers and create extensible packages to upsell and cross-sell into new markets.
    • Sales Efficiency: Zuoras end-to-end quote-to-cash management helped DocuSign streamline and replicate sales processes and pricing plans globally as its enterprise accounts grew in volume and users transitioned from free trial to paid business plans.
    • International Expansion: DocuSign is used in 43 languages. Zuora enabled the company to easily add on multiple currencies and exchanges, decreasing the time required to set up and launch promotions locally with payment options and pricing tailored to each geography.

    DocuSign is a bellwether SaaS company in the Subscription Economy®, said Tien Tzuo, CEO and founder of Zuora. Not only was DocuSign the first to pioneer electronic signatures and create a new category of cloud services with its digital platform, but they continue to innovate and expand their service offerings to further delight their customers around the world.


    To learn more about how DocuSign is driving innovation in its industry, read the Zuora case study . To adapt these lessons of growth for your own company, download Zuoras guide on 10 Growth Strategies for SaaS .