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Usage Monetization Webcast Takeaways: Recording, Slides, FAQ

  • 1.  Usage Monetization Webcast Takeaways: Recording, Slides, FAQ

    Posted 09-17-2020 15:08

    Did you know that companies leveraging a combination of recurring and usage pricing grew 30% faster than those who dont have usage pricing? Our Subscribed Institute has been benchmarking the most successful subscription business growth patterns over the last decade and thats why were excited to share with you about all of our newest usage charge models!


    Join Lukasz Weber, Director of Product Management, in this on-demand recording to learn how to:

    • Charge for usage based on any attribute with an Excel-like formula with Multi-Attribute Pricing
    • Detect and charge by peak consumption within any given period with High Water Mark Pricing
    • Create a consistent invoicing experience for services that are priced and rated externally with Pre-Rated Pricing


    Here is the recording of the session:




    Here are the slides from the session:




    When will these charge models be available?

    These three charge models, Multi-Attribute Pricing, High Water Mark Pricing, and Pre-Rated Pricing, will be available to our Enterprise and Nine Edition customers on September 30th. These charge models will be visible in the Billing Settings under the Enable Charge Models section, and visible when you create a new Usage-type charge in the Product Catalog.


    Can we use multi-attribute pricing on recurring charges?

    At this time, Multi-Attribute Pricing is just for the Usage charge type. But its something were planning to build in the future. 


    Is there a plan to have multi-pricing sync from Salesforce?

    There is already basic support on Zuora quotes today. Meaning that if you have this rate plan defined then you can actually quote a rate plan that includes this particular charge. What were still working on is the ability to view and override the details of these charge models, whether thats the Price Formula or tiers.


    Can this formula be overridden at charge level at the time of subscription creation?

    Yes, once you add the rate plan onto the subscription whether creating a new subscription or using orders or amendments afterwards to add the charge, you have the ability to override it.


    Can we use multiple custom tables in the pricing formula?

    Yes, you have the ability to use up-to two (2) tables in the pricing formula, and each table can include up-to five (5) lookup attributes.