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[Table Talk Video] Zuora Audit Trail Workshop

  • 1.  [Table Talk Video] Zuora Audit Trail Workshop

    Posted 06-11-2021 08:47

    ZC- Audit Trail Workshop.png


    On June 10th, our Zuora SMEs led an Audit Trail Workshop featuring


    • Kenta Tomura, @Kenta , Sr. Customer Strategist
    • Alan Home, @AlanH , Technical Support Engineer
    • Viktor Vajda, @Viktor , Principal Technical Support Engineer


    In this session, we answered questions and shared best practices about Audit Trail.


    Below is our presentation, recordings and questions from each session.  If you have any additional questions, please ask below.






    • How to access Audit Trail
    • Where do I get the data?
    • When will Zuora support SCIM provisioning through SAML provider?
    • Best practices for audit work


    Some resources that were brought up were 


    Thanks for those who attended and we look forward to seeing you at our next community event on June 23rd, Community Co-working Session: Month-End Close.


    If there are any other Table Talk topics youd like for me to coordinate, please comment below. Im happy to help!