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[REMINDER] OpenOffice Deprecation

  • 1.  [REMINDER] OpenOffice Deprecation

    Posted 04-20-2017 14:39

    OpenOffice Deprecation


    This is a quick reminder that our legacy invoice PDF generation service will be deprecated and taken offline June 30, 2017. You still have some time to take the required step to switch your tenant to use our new PDF generation service by updating your invoice PDF templates.


    This update process is relatively straightforward and should just take a few minutes per template. Please refer to these instructions in our Knowledge Center.


    The new PDF service provides the following benefits:

    • Supports conditional logic in your templates for greater presentment flexibility
    • Sophisticated invoice presentment using nested tables for usage charges and invoice items
    • Barcode generation in the invoice
    • Expanded selection of merge fields makes more relevant information about your customers and subscriptions available for use during billing
    • Under active development