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NetSuite Connector Customer Migration

  • 1.  NetSuite Connector Customer Migration

    Posted 11-26-2018 15:17

    We have some major announcements to share with you regarding the future of the Zuora Connector for NetSuite (Z-Suite).


    Due to elements out of our control, the existing NetSuite Integration (found in Zuora under Billing > Manage NetSuite Integration) will cease to function permanently following the first week of March 2019 due to changes to the integrations hosting platform.


    In order to prevent disruption to any sync processes, we will be migrating all customers over to the newly supported Zuora Connect app, Zuora Connector for NetSuite UI, over the next couple of months. The Zuora Connector for NetSuite UI app will have an improved UI and utilizes the same underlying process (deployment version 816 in both UIs) and functionality you are used to. This change is purely cosmetic.


    A representative from Zuora will be reaching out to you in the upcoming months to schedule a meeting to help your company migrate connectors. All migrations are estimated to take up to 60 minutes to complete.


    Once migrated, you will notice additional settings in the Connectors UI (documented here) that will require Invoice Settlement to be enabled on the sourced Zuora tenant prior to being used. All future updates to the Zuora Connector for NetSuite integration will be made to this new version of the process. The previous process will continue to operate for the time being, but will no longer receive updates to functionality or other enhancements. The reason for this change is that the non-Invoice Settlement version was built on SOAP APIs and all new Zuora features are built solely on REST. Due to this, all future enhancements will be focused on REST to take advantage of Zuoras feature releases.