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Announcing Virtual Customer-led Community Chapter Events

  • 1.  Announcing Virtual Customer-led Community Chapter Events

    Posted 04-23-2020 17:21

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    In 2019, we launched Community Chapters, which are user-led groups in different areas of the world. We now have over 10 volunteer Chapter Leaders interested in hosting events specifically for their peers.  Topics range from Zuora administration to APIs; the breadth of expertise and knowledge of these Chapter leaders is quite impressive!


    Normally events would be held in person, but due to current health restrictions, Chapter Leaders will now be hosting virtual events starting in May 2020.  That means that no matter where you are in the world, as long as you can log into the webinar, you can join and participate in a Chapter discussion.


    Zuora Community Chapter FAQs


    What is a virtual community Chapter?

    Virtual community chapters are a way for you to connect with your peers from all over the world to discuss Zuora best practices, pain points, industry trends and strategies, and the use of new features.  And since events are always led by Zuora customers and partners, you can always expect to have open conversations and discussions.


    What should I expect from a Chapter event?

    The format varies from leader to leader, but expect it to be time when you can share your ideas, stories, and brainstorm solutions together in a collaborative atmosphere.


    Who are the Chapter leaders?  

    You can see their professional background and LinkedIn information here.  Each one was interviewed to ensure that they will host great events and create engaging conversations.


    Will the Chapters ever be held in person?

    Yes. When we launched this program, our intent was to have in-person events. We hope to return this format as an option to Chapters as well as continue having virtual events so that everyone can join in and participate.


    Will events be recorded?

    Recorded events will be up to the discretion of the Chapter leader.


    None of the topics are of help to me. Can I suggest my topic to the leaders?

    Absolutely! Thats what these groups are for - a place where you can talk to and get help from your peers.


    How can I be notified about future events?

    Join your respective regional group, and youll be notified about the next event as well as be able to connect with Chapter Leaders and event participants before and after the event. 


    Id like to be a Chapter leader, what do I need to do?

    Read the leader requirements and fill out the form here. A member of the team will then follow up and help get you started.


    Stay Tuned for May 2020 Events

    Were not wasting any time in getting things started as we know that youve got a lot on your mind that you want to share with and learn from others.  So join your regional Chapter group and start getting to know fellow Chapter members!