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Zuora Connect August Release Notes

  • 1.  Zuora Connect August Release Notes

    Posted 09-06-2017 14:38

    Platform Features

    Zuora Connect Help Center

    See the Zuora Connect Help Center for all information related to Connect apps. The Help Center will include app documentation on configuration, installation and common use cases of individual apps, a step-by-step guide to adding and managing new apps in your Zuora tenant.



    Zuora Community

    Visit the Zuora Connect User Group in the Zuora Community to share ideas, facilitate discussions, and get tips on how to get the most out of Zuora Connect with others all over the world.


    New Applications

    PayJunction Tokenized Payment Gateway

    Zuoras PayJunction Tokenized Payment Gateway offers an out-of-the-box solution to leverage payment tokens to maintain customer credit card confidentiality and collect payments. This app allows you to continue to work with your payment processor using payment tokens, maintain security/independence of your customers credit card information, whilst still leveraging Zuora for your billing needs.


    Subscriber Self-Care Portal

    Do you feel like your organization spends too much time on updating simple records on your customers' accounts? Maybe your customers have asked for the ability to pay off their balance or just an individual invoice on their own time without needing to pick up the phone? Look no further than Zuora's end-user facing Subscriber Self-Care Portal.


    Configurable Summary Level GL Interface

    Does your Finance team prefer more frequent or automated syncs between the Zuora subscription sub-ledger and your General Ledger system?


    The Configurable Summary Level GL Interface can automate this process for you and save you the hassle and headaches of that arduous manual reconciliation with daily, weekly or monthly scheduled exports to your preferred General Ledger.


    Application Updates

    Zuora Connector for NetSuite

    The Zuora Connector for NetSuite has seen a few fresh updates this past month!


    1. For customers that have been experiencing timeouts via NetSuites web services when trying to sync payments from NetSuite to Zuora, a new transaction feature has been added to the Transaction Cutover Dates called NetSuite Payments that allows customers to choose a date of payments with transaction dates that are On or After the identified date in the field selection.
    2. Zuora Type and Zuora Origin have been corrected to populate on the Zuora to NetSuite invoice sync. For those who are having issues with NetSuite Payments syncing from NetSuite to Zuora due to those fields not populating, please contact our Support team for a quick walkthrough and resolution.
    3. A new UI will be coming for all users over a two month long rollout period. The changes will be minimal in user experience, but the UI will now be accessible in the same manner as a Connect app. You will be contacted before this is rolling out and instructions will be thorough.


    Configurable Lockbox

    New file formats are now supported in the Configurable Lockbox: Fixed Width Text - Single Record, Fixed Width Text - Multiple Record.


    More file formats to be supported are coming soon.













  • 2.  Zuora Connect August Release Notes

    Posted 09-09-2017 01:53

    Great additions @Megan! It is exciting to see new apps which have hot demand and improvements to the Netsuite Connector.