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Want to Help Us Improve Zuoras Application Usability?

  • 1.  Want to Help Us Improve Zuoras Application Usability?

    Posted 10-26-2020 14:58

    As you know, Zuora keeps most of your customer data indefinitely which has its pros and cons with respect to usability.  On the one hand, we understand how important it is for our customers to have access to historical data for auditing and compliance purposes. But unless that information is frequently accessed, it has the potential to make things more complex than it ought to be.


    In an effort to optimize Zuoras performance and usability, we are looking to streamline active data storage in a manner that is fully compliant with our customer and government requirements by utilizing more economical storage resources for inactive data.


    What Does This Mean for Zuora Customers?

    Rest assured that with this new database structure, all your data remains securely stored with us. Frequently used data will remain in your primary storage area while inactive data will be safely stored in a secondary database that can be easily retrieved for auditing and compliance purposes.  We anticipate this new storage and data management system to be robust and will greatly reduce Zuora release and maintenance times.

    And this is where we need your help.


    We need your input to determine how quickly you need to access your archived data as well as how long compliance managers need live and/or delayed access to historical data as well as what type of data to retain.


    Partner With Us As We Optimize Zuoras Databases

    We are actively seeking Zuora users from our wide spectrum of products and services to give us feedback on our database optimization plan.  If youre an expert in billing and payments, revenue, custom objects or are a Zuora admin or developers, we want to talk to you.


    Simply fill out this form and we will promptly follow up with you.  We cant wait to hear your feedback and look forward to working with you!