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Connect Case Study: Promo Codes

  • 1.  Connect Case Study: Promo Codes

    Posted 03-27-2018 17:35

    Over the past two quarters we have seen a surge in demand for Promo Codes from our Connect Marketplace. But why? Thats the question we were curious to learn about. So we did two things: we did a case study and we took a look at the data on use cases.


    If your sales/marketing teams are aiming to drive increased revenue through promotions, theres a strong chance that it will impact your dev, biz opps, or billings team and increase their workload or slow down the pace launch of any given promotion campaign. The ability to react quickly (or to simply act at all!) with promotions could have HUGE revenue implications.


    If youre curious what the impact of Promo Codes could be to your business, take a look at these three graphs:


    Zuora Promo Codes


    In this first graph, you can see the day they launched their first promo code. It was at the start of the holiday sales cycle and they have about 11.6K subscribers at this point.




    Zuora Promo Codes


    In this second graph, you can see the impact of their holiday promotion: a 40% increase in their subscriber base to over 18.8K subscribers!




    Promo Codes Connect


    Finally, in this third graph you can see a third jump in their subscriber base from 18.8K in December, to 25.2K two weeks later, a doubling of their user base in less than two months!



    So what happened? They launched their first ever promotion offering a free 30 day trial. Then, following the holidays they decided to lower the price of their offering. Finally, the third graph represents a promotion that guaranteed the new low rate for life.


    The speed with which they were able to iterate on their promotional offerings was a key to this success. I.e. their marketing team didnt need to go through their dev ops team to hard code anything on the backend. They didnt need approvals from their billing team. Because of the full Zuora integration, it was literally about 5 minutes of work to prep for the promo codes launch.


    And it represents hundreds of thousands of additional revenue PER MONTH.


    This case study represents one moment in time for a B2C customer. Other use cases for promo codes includes:

    • Discounting via partner channels
    • Standardizing and tracking assisted sales (we see this use case with B2B companies)
    • Geo-testing different price points (which we see in conjunction with our Pricebooks app)
    • Product catalog simplification

    An additional consideration to mull over as you evaluate Promo Codes is your internal users and the cross-departmental workload impact to your colleagues if you are looking to beef up your promotions marketing. Customers can certainly build off of the Zuora APIs to create bespoke promo codes functionality. But what is the engineering/dev costs to building, maintaining, and updating such a system? We arent familiar with any customers who have yet built a promotion codes app that is as flexible and cost-effective as Promo Codes. But we would love to hear more from the Community about this as well as other use cases and questions!




  • 2.  Connect Case Study: Promo Codes

    Posted 07-22-2020 17:38

    Is there any information on archiving promo codes?

  • 3.  Connect Case Study: Promo Codes

    Posted 07-04-2019 06:31

    I'll try again - Can this be used with Zuora Quotes for Salesforce?

  • 4.  Connect Case Study: Promo Codes

    Posted 02-01-2019 08:40

    This looks great. Can this be used with Zuora Quotes for Salesforce?

  • 5.  Connect Case Study: Promo Codes

    Posted 07-27-2020 00:47

    The promotion code archive functionality is an alternative to deleting a promotion and has two main functions:

    • As an alternative to deleting a code, preserve the data for a code that was used previously including custom fields, redemption date, rateplans etc
    • Remove the code(s) from the pools of indexed codes. This provides a speed boost for larger databases.

    Note that codes are not intended to be archived and then unarchived.



  • 6.  Connect Case Study: Promo Codes

    Posted 07-27-2020 00:50

    @Dennis_Nilsson1 There is not an OOB integration in the CPQ product that works with promo codes.  Since there are APIs to interact read and work with the promo codes however, you can build an integration that reads a promotion and validates/returns the discounts accordingly.