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Subscribed Community Roundtable Roundup

  • 1.  Subscribed Community Roundtable Roundup

    Posted 06-23-2017 16:26

    On Day 1 of Subscribed, we held a discussion at the Community booth which was well-attended...and a special shout out to @Patrick_O who helped facilitate!

    There were around 8 members who gave a lot of positive and negative feedback on what would help make the Community better.  Here are some of the comments I'd like to share. Please add to the list if you have any additional input or if you agree or disagree with any of the below:



    • Speed to answer
    • Daily digest
    • Lithium as a base
    • Notifications (ability to sign up for and receive notifications)
    • Use of chat vs. posting questions or filing a support ticket

    Needs or Wants:

    • More granular topics (ex: product catalog)
    • Improve search and key works (note: several top users mentioned how they use google to search our site for answers.... super user hack)
    • Ability to post comments in knowledge center (provide feedback.... community also said by opening up the site, there is a greater need for monitoring and curating content)
    • Need ideas section for API area
    • Lots of ideas under considerations
    • The ability to merge duplicate topics and votes
    • Best practice sharing 
    • "Dashboard" or some sort of "hot list": Ability to see:
    • What's new / What's going on
    • What is most asked for?
    • What's HOT?
    • Best Practices topics

    Also, I'd love to have a short chat (< 30 mins) with anyone who'd like to share what you hate or love about the Community. I've already talked to 2 folks already and have gathered great feedback that I hope to try to get implemented as soon as we're able.


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