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  • 1.  Community Guidelines

    Posted 12-31-2015 14:13
    Edited by Lana Lee 09-15-2023 09:29

    Welcome to the Zuora Community!

    The Zuora Community exists to provide a peer-to-peer support channel for Zuora users to cultivate positive online exchanges with other Zuora customers by helping to answer questions and generate solutions to Zuora-related issues.

    To ensure that this community remains a valuable platform that provides the support you need, we request that you observe the following community rules: 


    Community Rules

      1. Be respectful and courteous to others.
        Community members are expected to maintain a helpful and respectful tone when posting. Treat others as you would treat a professional colleague face-to-face.  Opinions are always welcome, but personal attacks against Zuora, its staff, other community members or any other party will not be permitted.
      2. Do not post personal information
        Keep in mind that this community is accessible by the public. Private or personally identifying information should not be posted in public areas of the community. Never post or share with another community member your full name, email/physical address, password, credit card number and any other private information.
      3. Do not hijack threads
        Refrain from derailing a threads topic.  If your topic/issue isnt related to the original post, please start a new thread.
      4. Research your question before posting
        Many questions might have already been answered in the community. Search the community using the search bar and check out the FAQs, our Knowledge Based Articles first. If you still havent found a solution, please start a new topic thread explaining your problem and what youve already tried.
      5. Post in the correct forum
        If youre a new community member, please read the forum description and browse through each forum to find the forum that best matches your post topic and ensure that you receive an answer as quickly as possible.
      6. Use your best judgement when posting
        The community is open to the public and will be stored indefinitely. We only remove posts when they violate the community guidelines so make sure that youre confident with your post being displayed publicly and permanently.
      7. Unacceptable posts
        • Spam, advertising and solicitation
        • Threats of violence or harassment - even as a joke
        • Abusive or offensive language/images
        • Excessive thread bumping
        • PMs (Private Message) from another community member without their consent
        • Multiple posting in different forums/threads.
        • Using ALL CAPS or a lot of needless punctuation. Its distracting and makes posts harder to read.
        • Content that infringes on anothers trademark, copyright or material protected by intellectual property laws.
      8. Moderator rights
        Moderators have the right to edit, delete, move and close messages. Do not use this forum to argue with any moderator action.  Such communication should be done in a private message. Repeatedly ignoring Moderator warnings will result in suspension. 
      9. Show thanks
        Have you received a helpful solution to your question? Show your gratitude by giving your fellow community member kudos and select their answer as a solution.
      10. Help us out!
        See something inappropriate that violates the community guidelines?  Let us know via the Report Inappropriate Content feature that can be found in the Options dropdown menu next to any message.  

    If you have any questions about our guidelines, terms or policies, please contact the Community Manager.