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mikemartin Partner


For non-English speakers, the country field in payment pages should be in Alphabetical order.


When passing in a locale to the payment pages that's not in English, Zuora should display the country drop down in alphabetical order. Currently it doesn't which leads to poor customer experience.


Locale preview

Resultant non-sorted country drop down list

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 13.40.29.png


Customers who speak French, German etc shouldn't have to have in their heads what the english name is, then translate to the german name for example when choosing their country from the drop down. E.g. Germany begins with G in English but D (Deutschland) in German, therefore Deutschland should appear in the 'D' part of the drop down. Likewise Spanish customers should be looking at the 'E' part of the drop down, not having to scroll much further down for 'S'.

Status: Implemented
Jritter Student


We would be able to save lots of money on our interchange processing rates if we were able to send Level 3 data to our gateway Cybersource.  I see that Zuora only currently has an ability to do this on Chase Paymentech.  Can you please provide an ability to do this with Cybersource?

Status: Under Consideration

Yes this is on our radar and is currently in our backlog. We'll update this community idea when we have firmer timing on the release date.

bolaurent Master


I'm experimenting with ways to enter complex deals, and a very talented Zuora SA is working with me. We are entering multiple recurring charges on a rate plan, with each set to end after one billing period. It's requiring significant experimentation to arrive at the result we want. We sure wish, when we need to run the experiment again, we could clone an existing subscription in draft mode and edit the thing.

An alternative would be (in sandbox) to allow me to unlock a sub even after it has been activated.

bolaurent Master


Create Amendment UI

Status: New Idea
by Master bolaurent 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

If I am viewing an Account in Zuora UI, and I display the All Amendments sub-tab, then click the "create new amentment" link, Zuora insists that I first "Search Customer by Name or Account No", and then "Then Select a Subscription". But it already knows which account I want. If there's only one subscription, it can figure that out as well. 


Please make this part of the UI smarter!










bolaurent Master


We have some products that are advertised as a certain price per day. This is very hard to coerce into Zuora. Please support per-day pricing model.

bolaurent Master


If I search for account, I get a list that has links for each account to view or delete. Why can't I edit?


Ditto for all other search results.



peterwalsham Tutor


We send an Upcoming Renewal email 60 days prior to a subscription renewal, but there are a very limited set of merge fields available.


I would like to be able to include a full list of fields (including custom fields) from:


  • Account
  • Default Payment Method


The Invoice Posted notification was enhanced in the past and now has a very rich set of fields available. I would like a similar level of details available for Upcoming Renewal.


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.24.11.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.23.52.png

mattbaker Scholar


Split Payment Terms

Status: Under Consideration
by Scholar mattbaker on ‎11-24-2016 06:57 AM

Requirement for Split payment terms - Invoice presented/required upfront but payment terms split over time, e.g. every 30days

Status: Under Consideration

We're currently gathering requirements and formulating a design around this. It may make it into the backlog.

waly Tutor


Return State/Province ISO Codes

Status: Under Consideration
by Tutor on ‎11-08-2016 11:51 AM - last edited on ‎11-15-2016 02:46 AM by Community Manager



One of my customers needs to have the state/province ISO codes returned instead of or along with the state names when querying for accounts or contacts. Can we please add this feature?





Status: Under Consideration

Good idea! I'll investigate this as a possible enhancement.

scott_westbrook Scholar


In Australia/NZ we need the ability to turn off the automatic generation of updated invoice PDF's after the processing of Payments, Refunds, Amendments etc. The first PDF needs to be generated and maintained as the original record for audit and Customer enquiry purposes. 


At the moment there is a Tenant setting that can be set to not generate PDF's at all, however this is not sufficient as we need to generate the first and no more

Status: Under Consideration

I have added this to the backlog for possible inclusion in a future release. Thanks.

Renaldo ZME


for direct debit schemes,  merchants currently have to kick off payment runs an exact number of working days before the charge date.


At best, this means that somebody at the merchant has to manually kick off the payment run on a given day, and that this needs to complete by 4pm. At worst, for high volume, it can make it impossible to get all payments submitted before 4pm. Different direct debit schemes have different timings, so maybe needs to be tied to payment run as well as gateway config/setup.

lderezinski Honor Student

Honor Student

Samsung pay

Status: New Idea
by Honor Student lderezinski on ‎08-17-2016 05:59 PM

Support a payment gateway which accepts Samsung Pay 

grayjoa Scholar


With the ability to support terms and conditions amendments, the proration of annual charges to the new term end date doesn't always work without some hacks like adjusting the BCD. Take the below example.


Subscription starts on 1/10/2017 with an annual charge so the service period for the charge is 1/10/17 - 1/9/2018

On 1/20/2017 a new annual charge is added which aligns to the term end so prorates for the period 1/20/17 - 1/9/2018

On 3/12/2017 one of the annual charges on the subscription is removed, a new annual charge is added and a terms and condition change is made to change the term to start on 3/12/2017. This results in a prorated credit for the removed product from 3/12/17 to 1/9/18, an annual fee from 3/12/17 to 3/11/2018. 

On 5/7/2017 I add a new annaul charge and want to prorated it to the end of the current term (3/11/2018) but it invoices though 4/6/17 instead


It doesn't matter what charge alignment I use I can't get this final step to invoice to the end of the term. If there were a charge alignment for term end (instead of term start) that might solve this issue. 


Renaldo ZME


Many European merchants require the ability to produce invoice and credit numbering for specific document types, geographical regions, channels or business units.


These number sequences should be definable by the user including length, prefix, starting number, value, etc.


Status: Coming Soon



We are planning to make billing document prefix and start number configurable. We are considering a further enhancement to support multiple billing document prefix/sequence sets within a single entity. Thanks.

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Customer Statements

Status: Under Consideration
by Community Manager on ‎01-13-2016 11:27 AM

Zuora really needs customer account statements. These should be able to be pulled at any time without running an invoice. It would combine charges, payment, and balance information in one place. Customers often request at least a year's history. The workaround to use a custom invoice is clunky and doesn't really cut it. Every other accounting system that I have used has this capability.  

Status: Under Consideration

We are in the early stages of the design process for statements. We'll let you know how this is proceeding. Thanks.

grayjoa Scholar


BillRunPreview Queuing

Status: Under Consideration
by Scholar grayjoa on ‎11-02-2016 09:23 AM

Currently it is only possible to run a single BillRunPreview call at a time. You have to wait for the current request to complete before you can submit another call. There should be a queuing ability inside Zuora instead of customers needing to handle the queuing.

Status: Under Consideration

This is a good idea. I'll investigate for inclusion in a future release.

Seb Tutor


Z.render() Error: 'X-Frame-Options'

Status: Under Consideration
by Tutor Seb on ‎11-08-2016 03:28 AM



There is a JS error everytime we render the iframe using Z.render() method. 

Somone point it out already here:


It would be great to have a fix for that.



Status: Under Consideration

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll look into it. 

Renaldo ZME


Merchant is selling subscriptions with varying terms and wants to allow the customer to put all their subscriptions into a single checkout basket, generate an invoice for the subscriptions in the (current) basket, and then collect payment for this payment.


The generate invoice invoice API requires the ability to pass a list of Subscription Id's so that the invoice can be created for only those subs, and not other subs that may already exist on the account.


This use case is relevant for both B2B and B2C merchants.

Status: Under Consideration

This is a good enhancement request. I'll consider it for an upcoming release. Thanks.

Currently, the InvoiceItem table on the invoice template cannot display the name of the related charge that a discount charge has been applied to, so it can be confusing when trying to understand which discount line item is related to which charge line item. It would be great if the invoice template could show the total discount amount for each invoice item (similar to how it shows the total tax related to each invoice item in InvoiceItem.TaxAmount). That would match how the Zuora UI displays discounts - see below.



Status: Under Consideration

Good idea. I'll look into it. Thanks.

dmdaniel Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Responsive Iframe

Status: Under Consideration
by Savvy Scholar dmdaniel on ‎08-01-2016 02:41 AM

To assist with responsive page design on checkout pages it would be ideal if the Payment Pages iFrame was more responsive.  


At present the size of the iframe is set to fit the avaliable space when the the iframe is loaded.  If a customer then changes the window size (ie, rotates iPad, resizes browser) then the size of the iframe does not change, this can lead to poor layout of the checkout pages and a bad experience for the customer.